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Educating Students About Water Resources in the Southwest

Arizona students competing in the Aqualibrium Arizona design challenge. From left: Engineers Week 2016, Ironwood Ridge High School, Construction Career Days 2016

Originally started in South Africa in 2012, the Aqualibrium Competition provides a fun way to learn about water supply, what civil engineers do and the importance of protecting our water resources. Aqualibrium Arizona is currently expanding the competition run by the South African Institute for Civil Engineering to an international scale. The competition is part of the University of Arizona’s Engineering 102 High School program and includes a two-week learning module that exposes students to the regional issues surrounding Arizona’s water supply and promotes the need for us all to use water responsibly. Tailored to several grade levels in the K-12 school system, students learn key concepts in physics and mathematics applied to a real-world engineering problem.

The aim of the competition is to distribute three liters of water equally between three reservoirs (containers) placed randomly on a grid of 16 points. Participants build a pipe network between a water source and the three reservoirs using pipes of different diameters. These elements are presented as infrastructure and water uses found in the students’ community, providing a strong regional context for the activity.

“While the competition is simple to understand and fun to do, the underlying problem is highly complex: the three small reservoirs can be placed in more than 3,000 combinations, and potentially there are 280 billion possible pipe networks for each one of these combinations. However, this underlying complexity doesn’t make the competition more difficult to participate in – it remains a great deal of fun!” – Kobus Van Zyle, SAICE

Community Support

The sustainability of this program relies heavily on the generous donations from individuals, businesses, service providers and professional organizations. Aqualibrium is a nonprofit organization. All donations go directly to benefit the participating schools and are tax deductible. Continued support will allow us to expand to schools across the state and reach students from increasingly diverse backgrounds.

The cost to sponsor a school is $625. This includes teacher training, all materials and the opportunity for companies to be featured on all presentation materials as one of our official sponsors.

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