Areas of Study

Engineering Mechanics

Engineering mechanics addresses stress-deformation analysis, failure prediction, and reliability evaluation of solids, structures and structural components as it relates to civil, mechanical, aerospace, mining, electronic packaging and bioengineering.

Professors and faculty members with specialties in engineering mechanics include George Frantziskonis, Achintya Haldar and Tribikram Kundu.

Geomechanics and Geotechnical

Geotechnical engineering involves the application of mechanics, mathematics and experience to the analysis and design of structural systems founded on soils such as dams, embankments, tunnels, canals and waterways, foundations for bridges, roads, buildings, solid waste disposal systems, and more.

Professors and faculty members with specialties in geomechanics and geotechnical engineering include Muniram Budhu and Lianyang Zhang.

Hydraulics and Hydrology

Hydraulics and hydrology are involved in many water resource issues. The group’s research emphasis is a mixture of surface water hydrology, hydraulics and water resources systems analysis. The research projects are primarily computer-based studies and focus on methodological development. Graduate student course offerings mirror these interests.

Professors and faculty members with specialties in hydraulics and hydrology include Kevin Lansey and Jennifer Duan.


Structural engineering embraces a variety of structural systems and requires an understanding of analysis, design and materials behavior under both static, dynamic and earthquake loading. Stress-deformation analysis, material modeling, failure prediction, fatigue and fracture behaviors and reliability evaluation of structures are among important topics of concern in structural engineering.

Professors and faculty members with specialties in structures include Robert Fleischman, Achintya Haldar, Hongki Jo, Tribikram Kundu and Hamid Saadatmanesh.


Transportation is a multidisciplinary profession that builds upon knowledge and applications from engineering, planning, logistics, economics and sociology.

Professors and faculty members with specialties in transportation include Yi-Chang Chiu and Yao-Jan Wu.


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