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A Note from Lissette Flores, BS 2017, and Rosa Juvera, BS 2016, on Kiewit’s Women’s Construction Leadership Seminar

On Sept. 29-30, 2016, at Kiewit’s corporation headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, CEEM undergraduate Lissette Flores and recent alumna Rosa Juvera joined 50 other collegiate women interested in construction and engineering to learn more about leadership and the construction industry at the Women’s Construction Leadership Seminar.


Rosa Juvera and Lissette Flores at Kiewit's headquarters

After a summer of working as a field engineer, I decided to attend this seminar to reinforce my decision of working in the construction industry and obtain tools that would help me in my future career. At the same time, attending the seminar was a great opportunity to meet women who have the same passion for the construction industry as I do.

Strong, successful women who have dedicated their lives to this field presented to us on different topics and answered all our questions about what to expect as women in construction. The seminar left me with a mentality that with hard work and enthusiasm I could also be successful in my work field. The opportunities are unlimited, and it is up to me to seize them!


The main topic of the seminar was confidence. As a female looking to join the construction industry, my confidence has been shaken at times. I have questioned if the career path I want to take is adequate and have wondered if my gender would be a limiting factor in my career advancement. Females are rare in the construction industry, and it is due partially to the fact that we are not aware of the various opportunities that we have within the industry.

Lissette Flores (left) and Rosa Juvera

At the seminar, we were introduced to women who have made a career in construction. Hearing about their experiences, and why they love being part of the construction industry, was inspiring and reassuring. We learned about the various sectors within construction, and that almost any major is applicable to the industry. Construction is very diverse; therefore being a female in the field is not a limiting factor at all.

I am glad I was able to participate in the seminar because I have gained a new perspective of the industry and was introduced to other students similar in age who share the same interest and passion for construction. I truly believe that the experience was invaluable. If you are a female thinking about joining the construction industry, I encourage you to apply to the program. It will be beneficial for you and your future career.


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