Degree Check

Final Degree Check Submission

During the semester prior to your prospective graduation date, you must submit a final degree check form.

Submit your form:

  • In the fall semester for spring semester graduation.
  • In spring for summer or fall graduation.

Begin the graduation process by picking up an instructional handout from Academic Affairs in Engineering Room 200.

  1. Complete the online survey as indicated in the handout, and print the confirmation page.
  2. Submit the confirmation to Academic Affairs, after which you'll receive an application for degree candidacy.
  3. Once you've completed the application you will receive the final degree check form (commonly referred to as "the pink sheet").

You many enroll in your last semester courses after receiving the pink sheet. Bring the pink sheet to your program coordinator.

If your Academic Requirements Report, or ARR, is not complete meet with your program coordinator to determine which course(s) are missing or have not been satisfied.

  • If there are general education course(s) that did not transfer over to the university, make sure a current transcript is sent and the course(s) posted to the system. Rerun the ARR and submit this new report along with your pink sheet to your program coordinator.
  • If you are missing university course(s), enroll in the required course(s), then resubmit to your program coordinator.

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