Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is the civil engineering undergraduate program coordinator?

A: Karen Van Winkle in Civil Engineering Room 211. She can be reached at 520.621.6577 or Chocolate is a useful means of getting help from Karen.


Q: When do I get to register for classes?

A: Priority registration times are provided by the UA Office of the Registrar.


Q: What if I want to get into a civil engineering course, but there are no available seats?

A: Contact the program coordinator, Karen Van Winkle, who keeps a waiting list for certain civil engineering courses.


Q: Who is my adviser/mentor?

A: Program Coordinator Karen Van Winkle advises freshmen and sophomores. Juniors and seniors are assigned a department faculty member as their mentor when they obtain Advanced Standing. Contact Karen Van Winkle if you are unsure who your adviser is.


Q: When do I need to see my adviser or mentor?

A: You must meet with your adviser/mentor every semester. During the semester before the semester of your graduation, you must meet with the program coordinator to get a final degree check.


Q: What is advanced standing, and how do I get it?

A: Advanced standing means you have met all the department's academic requirements, such as GPA and completion of prerequisites, to enroll in 300- and 400-level courses in civil engineering. You will be required to meet with your mentor before registering for the next semester.

Permanent, or unconditional, advanced standing grants you the status for the remainder of your stay in the department. Additionally, when you achieve advanced standing, you will be charged the differential tuition for upper-division College of Engineering students.


Q: What is a degree check, and how do I do it?

A: The degree check is a form you and the program coordinator will use to ensure you have completed the program's degree requirements. It should be completed after you register for your final semester. You can pick up the materials you need to start the degree check process in the Academic Affairs office in Engineering Room 200. You must also bring a copy of your Academic Advisement Report, available through UAccess, when you meet with the program coordinator.


Q: I want to transfer into the civil engineering department. What should I do?

A: Follow the instructions on the College of Engineering Change of Major web page, which has a list of admission requirements and an application to complete.


Q: I just found out I am on probation from the College of Engineering. What should I do?

A: Schedule an appointment with the program coordinator, Karen Van Winkle. Together, you will create a contract with constructive ideas to improve your academic performance.


Q: In what semesters should I be taking each of the required 300- and 400-level courses?

A: Plan carefully, because 300- and 400-level courses in civil engineering are only offered in certain semesters, and require you to have completed all prerequisites and have advanced standing. Our best advice is to discuss your 300- and 400-level course plan with your mentor.


Q: When should I take the senior design sequence (CE 408A and 408B)?

A: The courses must be taken in sequence: CE 408A in the fall and CE 408B in the spring. If you plan to graduate in May, take it in the fall and spring of your last year. If you plan to graduate in December, take it in the academic year before that final fall semester.


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