Fun Stuff

This page is dedicated to the non-academic things we as faculty, staff, and students do during our off times.


Dr. George Frantziskonis - has a daughter who is dancing with the Pacific Northwest Ballet company in Seattle, Washington. She was asked to perform in a T.V. commercial - take a look - she is the ballarina. Click here to view the video.

Dr. Russ Andaloro - I enjoy playing music professionally. I belong to a jazz trio and a folk singing group. Music has been in my life since I was two years old. I found a photograph of my Dad teaching me the trumpet at an early age.

GARY GOLD - Student - They are pictures from a race I was in with the Tricats Triathlon Team.  It was called Elephant Man and was in New Mexico last semester.  There are a couple of me running, one of me biking, and one of me in a wetsuit before swimming.


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