Internship Program



Benefits to the Student

The primary goal of the Internship Program is to allow civil engineering students to incorporate and emphasize the lessons learned in the classroom into a real-world experience set in a professional practice-oriented environment, with the intern’s work preferably overseen by a licensed professional civil engineer.

In addition to offering students the opportunity to demonstrate and develop their technical skills, participation in the program allows students to develop professional skills such as teamwork, effective communication, social interaction and professional networking, an understanding of business procedures, leadership, and critical thinking.

Finally, the program is designed to provide students with a paid work experience within a semi-formal academic framework that carries with it official course credit from the University of Arizona. Credit for this course may not be used to fulfill degree requirements nor is it obtainable through transfer credit.

Benefits to the Employer

The Internship Program provides employers with an effective way to outreach a qualified and motivated group of students. This program, however, has a goal beyond that of matching up employers with prospective employees.

The primary goal of this program as stated above has educational and mentoring components that can be satisfied only through a formal partnership between the employer and the Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics (CEEM) at the University of Arizona.

It is the intent of the program that this partnership will provide a meaningful learning experience to students who are developing to be future engineers. In this manner, the employer becomes an important asset in the development of students who participate in this program.

As a secondary benefit, an employer involved in the program will have access to well-qualified students as potential candidates for full-time employment after graduation. As a tertiary benefit, the program will allow employers to evaluate prospective long-term employees under actual working conditions at minimal cost.

Initial contacts through the Internship Program may lead to recruitment and eventual hiring, upon graduation, of a civil engineer who has experience with the employer’s operating procedures.

In addition, multiple internships with the same student over his/her academic career may enable the intern to function at a higher level that will free full-time professional staff for other, more complex work.

Benefits to CEEM, the College of Engineering, and the University of Arizona

The Internship Program supports the essential partnership between academia and the practicing profession. It does so not only by providing qualified students with a hands-on learning experience, but also by enhancing communication of faculty with business, industry and government.

The Internship Program is an excellent complement to the Department’s program for continuous improvement, as required by ABET’s Criteria 2000. The faculty advisors will benefit by involvement in two ways.

First, they will forge relationships with employers that participate in the program. Second, in terms of tenure, promotion, and/or annual reviews, their participation will be accounted for in the area of Departmental Service.


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