Mohr's Circle

The Mohr's Circle at the University of Arizona Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics is comprised of generous corporate and individual donors who have pledged $1,000 or more each year to the department's discretionary fund.

Your gift to CEEM will support:Mohr's Circle reception

  • Practitioner-led design, surveying and communication courses
  • Student participation in clubs, professional development, conferences and fraternal organizations
  • Marketing and public relations support materials
  • Campus recruiting visits for students
  • Equipment upgrades in teaching labs
  • Undergraduate and graduate student recognition

Mohr's Circle

Benefits for gifts of $1,000 include:

  • Early registration and preferred booth location at career fair
  • Listing on department's website, display board and Civil View newsletter
  • Assistance with internship placements
  • Web posting to students for job announcements
  • Access to separate interview room at career fair
  • Invitation to spring luncheon with graduating seniors
  • Invitation to the biennial Centennial Luncheon
  • Exclusive excursions and events to discover and explore aspects of engineering
  • Networking with a large number of individuals and engineering companies of the Mohr’s Circle

da Vinci Circle

Additional benefits for gifts of $5,000 or more include:

  • Admission to College of Engineering's da Vinci Circle as well as Mohr's Circle
  • Invitation to the annual da Vinci lecture and dinner
  • Recognition as a da Vinci member in College's Arizona Engineer newsletter
  • Extensive networking with all da Vinci members and companies

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