Civil Engineering K-12 Teaching Resources

Civil engineering is all around us – roads and transportation; bridges, dams and water systems; even earthquake-resistant buildings and sustainable infrastructure. And jobs in the industry are projected to grow almost 20 percent by 2022.

CEEM's civil engineering enthusiasts would like to help educators of elementary, middle school and high school students showcase this dynamic field and inspire the next generation of civil engineers.

Classroom Activities

We collected a list of games, activities and experiments designed to explore five major areas of civil engineering: structural engineering and construction; hydraulic engineering, hydrology and water resources; geotechnical engineering; transportation; and environmental engineering.

Each file offers a short description of several age-appropriate activities, including the estimated completion time and any special materials required. (If no materials are listed, you should be able to complete the activity with standard classroom supplies like paper, scissors and glue.) You will also find a link to the online source of the activity, which will provide a more detailed description.

Download, teach and inspire – and let us know how useful you and your students found this collection! Contact with feedback about your favorite civil engineering classroom activities.

Aqualibrium Arizona

Aqualibrium Water Competition logoEstablished in coordination with the South African Institute for Civil Engineering and the NASA Space Grant Consortium, Aqualibrium Arizona offers a fun way for young students to learn about their local water supply, the role that civil engineers play in providing safe water to their communities and the importance of protecting our water resources.

The program has been presented at local elementary and middle schools and offered in the ENGR 102 High School training curriculum


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