Yi-Chang Chiu

Associate Professor

Full Curriculum Vitae (PDF)


  • PhD, Transportation Engineering, University of Texas at Austin
  • MS, Transportation Engineering, National Chiao-Tung University
  • BS, Civil Engineering, National Taiwan University

Grants and Contracts:

  • Dynamic Modeling for Texas Department of Transportation via Texas Transportation Institute Integrated Corridor Management Tools Strategies and Deployment Support for Federal Highway Administration via Cambridge Systematics
  • Cresta Consortium on Remote Sensing of Traffic Activities - Freight Flows for Arizona Department of Transportation
  • Technical Support for the DYNASMART-P Release and Applications for Federal Highway Administration
  • DynusT Technical Support for Corridor Modeling in Denver for Colorado Department of Transportation
  • Orange County Toll Roads Scenario Analysis for Orange County Toll Authority
  • Dynamic Traffic Assignment (DTA) Simulation Model for Colorado Department of Transportation Enhanced Monitoring for Remote Sensing for United States Department of Transportation
  • Virginia DOT Northern Region Operations Evacuation Transportation Planning Projects - Creation of DynusT Simulation Network by UA for Virginia Department of Transportation via Virginia Center for Transportation Innovation and Research
  • DynusT Model Development and Calibration for DRCOG Regional Network for Denver Region Council of Governments
  • Modeling the Urban Continuum in an Integrated Framework: Location Choice, Activity-Travel Behavior, and Dynamic Traffic Patterns for Federal Highway Administration
  • Platform for Emergency Evacuation Strategies- Phase II for Arizona Department of Transportation Creation of Guidebook on Utilization of Dynamic Traffic Assignment (DTA) Modeling for Federal Highway Administration
  • MAG DynusT Regional Operations Planning Model Enhancements for Maricopa Association of Governments
  • SHRP Project C10 - Partnership to Develop an Integrated, Advanced Travel Demand Model and a Fine-Grained, Time-Sensitive Network for Federal Highway Administration via Cambridge Systematics
  • Strategic Approaches at the Corridor and Network Levels to Minimize Disruption from the Renewal Process for United States Department of Transportation
  • Local Methods for Modeling, Economic Evaluation, Justification and Use of the Value of Travel Time Reliability in Transportation Decision Making for Federal Highway Administration
  • VASTO - Evolutionary Agent System for Transportation Outlook for Federal Highway Administration Multi-Modal Arterial Performance Measurement Using Multi-Source ITS Data for United States Department of Transportation
  • Green and Resilient Urban Planning

Research Interests:

  • Dynamic Traffic Assignment
  • Multi-Resolution Traffic Assignment Simulation Modeling
  • Critical infrastructure management and response
  • Mass evacuation network modeling
  • Mesoscopic traffic flow theory
  • Urban system (land use, transportation, policy) dynamics modeling
  • Border security modeling
  • Telecommunication technologies in ITS applications
  • Intermodal transportation modeling


  • CE 460/560: Special Topics in Transport Engineering
  • CE 463/563: Traffic Flow + Capacity Analysis

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